T) 1250mm (2000mm): Celestron 1250mm f/10 (White Tube) Spotting / Astronomical Telescope

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T) 1250mm (2000mm): Celestron 1250mm f/10 (White Tube) Spotting / Astronomical Telescope

Taken with a Celestron C5 Telescope (White Tube, 1992-1996?) with a Hirsch T-Adaptor & Vivitar T-Ring on a Canon 7d. The Celestron was mounted to a tripod, and the photo was taken at the same location as the other photos in the earlier Lens Comparison set.

This photo is Straight Out Of the Camera- no processing was applied. (No crop or sharpening, to demonstrate the Telescope’s true image quality) I also used a wireless trigger – but there were some considerable winds shaking the telescope as I took this.

*2000mm on a 7d (1.6x)

Lens Test conducted from Boise Depot parking area to Idaho State Capitol. The Eagle on the Capitol Building is 5’7" and 1.30 miles away.

Click here to see a comparison image taken with a 400mm Canon Lens: www.flickr.com/photos/kc7cbf/4093450269/in/set-7215762265...

See full comparison here: www.flickr.com/photos/kc7cbf/sets/72157622654304903/

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QC52 says:

Kind of illustrates one of the problems with larger telephoto lenses in that the further something is away the poorer the shot will be, no matter how much it is enlarged. You obviously understand that tho.

Nick / KC7CBF says:

[http://www.flickr.com/photos/qc52] I agree. I had seen quite a few Telescope telephoto images posted, but most were clearer and I was trying to demonstrate what result you would have without any post processing. There have been some "great" bird photos taken with this same combination- and I just had a hard time believing they were without manipulation.

I also wanted to add this to the focal length comparison I had done earlier.

TheJudge310 says:

Wonderful!! Happy Easter!

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